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San Diego, CA - 52 Liberty Elms representing the 52 U.S. submarines that were lost
during the
global conflict that raged between 1939 and 1945

All 52 (15 year old Liberty Elm) trees located at the site of the WWII Submarine Veterans
Memorial Liberty Station, Point Loma (Naval Training Center/Liberty Station Park)
are in good condition and the trunk diameter on the trees range from 3” to 6”.
- Debbie Marcotte, City of San Diego -Community Parks
The (25 year old) Liberty Elm (at the State House in Boston (MA)"is doing lovely. I measured
the tree (around the 6’ mark) 59 ½
- Susan Greendyke Lachevre
Our (20 year old Liberty Elm) "trees are about 30 ft tall and thriving."
- Margie Baldwin, Marion Tree Committee (MA)


Princeton, NJ- Allee of  27 year old Liberty Elms

"I visited an American Liberty elm planting on Breure's Hill in Princeton, NJ. that we installed over
10 years ago
for Princeton Township. I thought that I would share with others how well they have
done and how pleased we were. These were propagated in 1990, held in a nursery for 8 years and
50 were planted in an allee 25 feet apart
in 2003 at 2" caliper. Elms are now 7-9", most are 35 ft.
tall and doing well, one lost to drought, none to DED.
It's a pretty good record... a nice success story."
- Robert Wells

The (18 years old) Liberty Elms we have are doing well - about 4 - 5 inch calp"
- Paul Sebasta, City of Niskayuna (NY)
The (12 years old) Liberty Elm planted at the Aliceville City Hall, 419 Memorial Parkway East,
Aliceville, Alabama "is doing great. 30 ft.  tall.We put a bench around it."
- Mary Bess Paluzzi, Aliceville Museum (AL)

In addition to the (Liberty Elm) in my front yard there are trees (17 - 22 years old) at the main
Fire Station downtown, the County Courthouse, a church and an elementary school. They are
all looking well."
- Liz Cunningham, Bakersfield (CA)
The (40) Liberty Elms (17 years old) "are doing very well. They are so big, 25 ft. and producing
- James Hagey, Ramona (CA)


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